Warsaw and Dublin

Well I went climbing at Warsaw. Turned out to be a lot of driving for not much climbing. I led the 5.9 that I’d previously done on top rope twice before and also led another 5.9 where I thought the crux was nails for 5.9. Took me quite a while to work out the crux, got myself tired and had to take a rest before committing to it. The whole route was slabby and technical and had lots of interesting side ways moves in it. Lovely route – the best route I’ve done at Warsaw to date – and one which I’ll have to do clean if I go back again.

On the Thursday I made the trip to Dublin for SMBE 2012. On the whole the trip went well and I liked the short, 6 hour, transatlantic flight. Was glad it was so short given that there was a larger person in the seat next to me. Not stupidly large but definitely enough to intrude on my space. Turns out that Ireland, like England, appears to have forgotten what summer is and it was wet and miserable when I arrived. My hotel let me into my room when I arrived so sleep soon over took me.

Saturday I went to the bouldering wall in Dublin. Not up to the Works but definitely not a bad bouldering wall and I could certainly feel it after an hour and a half. The rest of the day was spent doing some work and registering for the conference. Sunday and Monday were largely spent at the conference so there’s not much exciting to report. Watched the football (if any Americans are reading – soccer) on Sunday which was sadly predictable. England lose in a penalty shoot out, no, that’s never happened before…

Tuesday was again the conference but I missed the morning session of boredom and instead practised my talk for the afternoon. My talk seemed to go down well – no pregnant pauses after “any questions?” which was nice and apparently it had some positive tweets. Was glad to see the end of the conference although it went better than I was expecting and it allowed me to catch up with some of the Manchester crowd.

My parents flew out to Dublin on Wednesday and we went to see the Wicklow mountains. I liked Glendalough and would like to go back and do some more serious walking in the area. The old religious settlement was also pretty cool. On the way back to Dublin we also went past a cool waterfall. Wasn’t a straight drop but rather was water flowing down a rather high slab. Maybe not quite as impressive as a long straight drop but I enjoyed it for its difference. My parents were distinctly less impressed by it all. Photos are here

Thursday we looked round Dublin and this time I would agree with my parents, it was shit. Unless you want to get drunk I would recommend you don’t go to Dublin. Maybe that’s why so much drinking does happen, there’s nothing else worth doing. The castle isn’t really a castle. There’s a single tower that’s the remains of a proper castle but that’s had much newer buildings attached to it so isn’t very noticeable. I’m sure it has some historical significance – my parent’s aren’t into museums so didn’t find out – but it certainly doesn’t look very impressive.

Having decided Dublin was a bit shit we went back to the car and ended up in DĂșn Laoghaire. For a ferry port this seemed a very nice little town and they had not let the port dominate it. Probably not worth seeing unless you’re travelling through it but it killed some time before we headed back to the airport and England. Photos from this day are here.

I’m now in Sheffield bemoaning the British weather. Not sure what the plans are for the next few days. There should be a climbing attempt this afternoon…

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