Cape Breton again

Wow, it appears I’m actually updating my blog in a reasonable timescale. Wonders will never cease!

There’s not a whole lot exciting to report about the week after my post until the Thursday evening when I drove to Cape Breton. I wanted to do one more trip to Cape Breton before I left Nova Scotia and the weather looked pretty decent for at least two of the next three days so I went for it. I actually ended up getting a bit further into Cape Breton than I thought I would as I left earlier and the drive went better than I was expecting. I ended up camping at the Cheticamp campsite in the national park. Definitely not one of my favourite places to camp as all the sites were very close together but it did for the night.

Next morning I drove into Cheticamp to pick up supplies before heading further north to Meat Cove. I’d been there before but it has a really cool campsite on the cliff top and was near the hikes I planned to do so I was hoping to camp there. I say ‘hoping’ as it was first come, first serve, hence turning up Friday lunchtime, but I need not have worried as there was only one other group there when I turned up – it never got that busy all weekend.

After I set up my tent I went and did the first hike I planned to do that weekend – hiking to Cape St Lawrence. The hike started with a rather steep up hill in misty conditions. I was actually quite pleased for the mist as it meant it was cooler and you wouldn’t have been able to see much anyway because of all the trees. After a mile of uphill slog the path started downhill again and eventually spat you out at the Cape. There had once been a lighthouse there and there were still plenty of remain. And horses. The sun had came out and it was a really nice location. So nice that I laid down and dozed off for about half an hour. To be woken up by a military helicopter flying quite low just out to sea. Probably a good thing as I needed to get going if I was to get going before it was dark.

Before I headed back in land I saw a couple of birds of prey sat on a head land but they flew off as I approached so I never properly identified them but it was cool to see such a big bird in a completely natural environment. Not long after the trail headed inland and another slog up hill, although not quite as bad as on the way in. On the way I went past the site of a deserted farm and saw several abandoned vehicles. They do seem to like living them in really random places in North America. Not a whole lot else of note about the way back although I did take some photos of a field that I also took photos of on the way in to show how much the mist had lifted. Photos from the hike are here.

When I got back to my campsite I took some photos of the view before having a barbeque. Wasn’t quite as successful as my last one but I did just about get enough heat to cook everything I wanted. I couldn’t have cooked anything else though! Suspect the wind on the cliff top didn’t help in my attempt.

Saturday saw me heading to Money Point. If anything the hike up hill on the way in was worse than the day before. Still with a name like that I couldn’t not do it! Today’s hike was a out and back and when I got to the end there was once again the remains of a lighthouse (expected) and horses (unexpected). It was a nice hike but I don’t think I liked it as much as the day before. And the hike back out was a sapping uphill in the heat – there were lots of stops! But I made it somehow. Photos of the hike are here.

Having finished the hike I went back to the out of the way beach I’d been to on both my previous visits to Cape Breton and once again wasn’t disappointed – definitely one of my favorite places in Cape Breton. No photos as I had hatched a crazy plan to go for a swim. Which I did. But not for very long! The water was rather cold. That evening I had some of the best fish and chips I’ve had in Nova Scotia at the little cafe place on the campsite.

The weather on Monday was, as expected, not so great but I somehow managed to get mostly lucky. My first stop was Robert’s Mountain which I’d been told was a slog to get to the top of but which didn’t seem as bad as the uphills on the previous couple of days. And once I was at the top I was done and could turn round. It was well worth the hike as the views (photos) from the top were really pretty nice although I didn’t stay very long as it was rather windy – but thankfully not rainy.

After a bit of driving I arrived at Egypt Falls. These were a little bit inland where there seemed to be more rain but I got lucky for the short hike down and it was dry. The views were very worth seeing and it was worth risking the weather. However because of the weather I didn’t take the DSLR so there aren’t my normal waterfall shots although there are still quite a few photos. It did rain on me on the way out but at least I’d already seen the falls.

I next drove along the south-west coast of Cape Breton – a bit I’d not really explored before. I took a few photos on the way. I then stopped in Inverness which I thought was really quite a nice little town with a harbour, beach, an abounded railway line and a rainbow! Someone even had a wood burner fake steam engine next to the old line which was pretty cool. Photos from Inverness are here. I next drove down the coast some more before deciding to hike a bit of the abandoned railway line just before it got dark. There are more photos.

And then I drove home, stopping at Mother Webbs for dinner. This is a diner that has signs for miles in seemingly all directions advertising it so I decided to see what it was like. I was impressed and it made for a very nice end to the weekend.

I was expecting to get a bit more up to date than this but this post is already pretty long so I’ll stop there.

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