New Brunswick again

I should get up to date in this post!

Anyway on Saturday 31 October I went for a trip down Halifax way for a combined shopping / hiking trip. The hike I did was the Corwbar Lake Trail although I never actually reached crowbar lake. By the time I’d done a little bit of shopping I didn’t half time to do the whole loop so cut out the end bit of it – the bit that actually went to Crowbar Lake. To be fair I think I’d have struggled to have got that bit done even if I’d started earlier as I was hiking slowly – I didn’t seem to be feeling quite right. Still it was a nice day it was a really quite scenic hike with a couple of nice lakes and some nice views (photos). On the Sunday I don’t seem to have got up to anything more exciting than going for a run.

Thursday was an exciting day for me – I went bouldering for the first time in several months! And it mostly went well. It was a quick and easy session, and even then I may have over done it slightly, but it still went a lot better than I feared it might. So I was really quite happy. It’s obviously going to take me a while to get back to where I was but I finally feel like that goal is in sight.

That weekend I left early Saturday to head around to the area around Moncton in New Brunswick. I’d been there before but I wanted to see Hopewell Rocks which I’d somehow missed on my previous visits. I also wanted to do a hike I’d seen in the winter along a broadwalk and sandbar – it didn’t seem a very enjoyable hike with lots of snow around! I got to Hopewell Rocks around lunchtime and had a good look around. They were a little different and reasonably scenic but I’ve definitely seen more scenic rocks. I also took a photo of me with Daniel Flats in the background. Photos are here.

After Hopewell Rocks I went and found a waterfall in the woods. I have a waterfalls of New Brunswick book which is how I knew about it. It was very much hunter territory so I was glad I had some orange clothes with me. It was also not exactly a well worn trail to the falls but after a false start down one side of the river and some scrambling down a bank I did manage to get to them – mostly thanks to my GPS. They definitely were not the biggest falls I’ve ever seen but I did really quite like them for some reason I can’t entirely put my finger on. I also got some photos I really quite like. By the time I was back at the car it was getting close to sunset so I drove around a bit and found an overlook with quite a nice view and a short hike (photos).

Sunday I started off by doing the hike on the sandbar I’d seen before. This wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped as the sand dunes stopped you seeing back to the mainland and it was really rather windy so I turned around long before I got the the lighthouse at the end. A decision I definitely don’t regret as I was walking into the wind on the way back and it wasn’t much fun. Photos are here. As it was still quite early in the day I headed to Englishtown Nature Park just outside Moncton. The weather had improved a bit by then and the trees probably shielded me from the wind so I had a really nice time walking around the reservoir there. I was really quite impressed by it for somewhere so near a reasonable size city. There are more photos.

That Thursday I bouldered again and it went even better than the weekend before, which was promising! I definitely intend to go a few more time before I leave here. This Saturday just gone I went for a run and then headed down to Halifax to do some Christmas shopping. I know this will seem early for many people but moving back to the UK is likely to take up a large chunk of my December so it seemed to make sense to get it out of the way on a not very nice weekend. Sunday I went for a swim. That was about it. The last couple of days I’ve not been in work thanks to a cold which is the main reason I’ve updated the blog!

Well I haven’t done an update on some of my more regular activities for a while. I’m still swimming regularly but it’s moved inside now as even with a wetsuit it got too cold outdoors. I’ve pushed the normal distance I do up a bit and it’s generally going well. Likewise my running is also going well. I can’t consistently do 5k yet but I’m definitely getting more consistent – I head expecting to do 5k now and am disappointed when I don’t. I’ve also managed to lose quite a bit of weight over the last couple of months and am now back to the lightest I’ve been since I moved to Canada although I have a way to go before I get back to the sort of weight I was in the US. Hopefully moving and starting a new job won’t set me back and I can carry on losing weight. Talking of jobs, well I’ve now been told that a job offer is working it’s way through HR so hopefully I’ll be able to give a proper update in my next post.

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