More Climbing and Err, Not a Lot Else

Well nothing too exciting has happened since I last posted here. The most exciting thing to happen was going to Warsaw again a couple of Sundays ago. I’d definitely improved a lot since my last visit in February. I cleanly top-roped one of the 5.9s I’d found a bit difficult in February and led the 5.10a I’d done on second and which I thought I should be able to lead. Unfortunately the middle of the day was quite wet and that led to some excitement. I’d done the 5.9 “walrus” move on a trad route when it started to rain. Now the move was protected by a bolt but the way I’d done it had required some technical squirming and I had no desire to do it again so I tried to push on. Turns out that wet limestone does not have the best friction. Who would’ve thought? Took one smallish fall onto gear, tried again got a bit further took a much larger fall, tried one last time and bottled out before I got to my last high point so took another small fall on gear. Lowered off, waited for it to dry and then got it in one push although I did leave the gear clipped. Really pleased I took an OK lead fall as I often find that after a break from leading I need to talk a reasonable lead fall to remind myself that actually they’re not so bad and to get my confidence back, which it seems to have done. I hope so as I’m off to Warsaw again tomorrow.

Otherwise I’ve continued to climb indoors on a Tuesday and Thursday. Carol went off on a last-minute two week backpacking trip with a Venture Scout crew – have I mentioned she’s mad? A three day camp was normally enough for me, although I suppose they were younger and without a long backpack to focus the mind. Anyway apart from making sorting car shares that little more interesting it’s not made things too difficult as I know enough Tuesday/Thursday regulars that I don’t have any real problems finding someone to belay me.

Last weekend I went for a hike the Konza Prairie Trails, a 6-mile circular hike (at least the version I did). Was probably my favourite hike in Kansas to date but apart from that there’s not a lot to say. Photos here.

The next couple of weeks promise to be quite busy. As I say above I’m off climbing tomorrow and then I’m off to Dublin on Thursday for a conference before heading to the UK for a mad couple of weeks trying to visit everyone. I would imagine I may have slightly more to post here!

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