More Climbing and Hayfever

Well not too much of interest has happened over the last two weeks. We won our last football game and finished 4th in the league. There’s an end of season tournament but that’s this weekend and I’ll be in DC for a meeting so won’t be playing. Last weekend I went hiking both days and got hayfever reasonably bad both days. On the Sunday it was bad enough that instead of going back along the path I went back along a road which as well as being much better for my hayfever was also much shorter. Oh well I can’t complain as I still don’t get hayfever that bad compared to many people. To be honest the main reason I’m even mentioning it is because I’ve really not got much to say for the last two weeks.

I’ve also climbed on both Tuesday and Thursday the last two weeks. Am definitely getting back in the swing of things. Still don’t feel I’m that close to my best but compared to where I was a few weeks ago I’ve improved immensely. Err, what else? I got my test results back from my doctors and did the silly questionnaire. It told me I was slightly overweight and didn’t eat enough fruit and veg. What a shocker that was! Now I’m really struggling to think of anything interesting that has happened. Boring weekend in DC ahead with work but at least it may give me more to write in the blog next time!

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