More Football, Climbing and Yellowstone

A lot of the time since the last post has been spent sorting out things on my “to do” list – which included this blog and the reworked website. I also finally got round to finding a doctors and having an annual “well-being” screening which will allow me to obtain certain information about me (such as cholesterol level) so that I can fill in a stupid questionnaire, which in turn will make my health insurance considerably cheaper next year. I’ve yet to have my cholesterol results back so don’t yet know how stupid the questionnaire is but it will be worth it regardless seeing as how it will save me about $300.

I’ve also managed to largely sort a couple of trips. I now have a reasonably firm plan for my trip back to the UK which by the time anyone reads this I should have e-mailed people about. The trip Jen and I are taking to Yellowstone in August / September also got sorted which is definitely something to look forward to.

I’ve played in three games of football (soccer) and the weather has definitely been different in them. Last Sunday we were playing in the rain and the game was stopped early due to lightening whereas this week we were playing in the sun and 90°F / 32°C heat – today was quite exhausting. Our last game is tomorrow and it looks like we’ll be finishing safely mid-table.

But perhaps the most exciting thing to happen is that I finally managed to get in touch with some people from the local climbing club. I was meant to be climbing with one of them on Monday but she got a call saying her dog had escaped just as I turned up. She’d managed to find a couple of strangers (to both of us) for me to climb with but they’ve never climbed outside and it would appear that they normally climb together so I’m not sure how much will come of that. However my post on the club’s Facebook wall also got a response from Carol who also lives in Lawrence and who I went climbing with on Thursday. She seems mad keen about climbing if also rather good. I went to a different wall this time – the wall is at the back of a children’s gym, and it would appear that pretty much everyone knows everyone else. They also seem pretty keen and at least some of them climb outdoors so hopefully I’ll be able to get more climbing in now. Indeed I may now be going away climbing with Carol and others over Memorial Day Weekend at the end of the month.

All in all it’s definitely been a good couple of weeks – my list of things to do has shrunk drastically as I’ve got rid of some things that have been on it for months and it looks like I might be bale to get climbing more. Fingers crossed things continue!

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