PEI, Scout camp and another wet weekend

The second Monday in October is Thanksgiving here in Canada. Just to confuse everyone this is on a quite different date to American Thanksgiving which occurs on the fourth Thursday in November. Given that they are both meant to celebrate the harvest there is some sense in this as the harvest can be later in the US than in cold Canada. Still it’s confusing. Anyway I took advantage of the long weekend and went off to explore Prince Edward Island – my first proper trip to another Canadian province. Toronto airport and a nearby hotel don’t count! I’ve started a new section of the website for reports about my longer trips in Canada away from Nova Scotia and put a report up here.

The weekend after Thanksgiving I’d been roped into going to a Scout camp as I was the only leader, sorry adviser, that could make it so if I couldn’t have gone the kids wouldn’t have been able to go and I didn’t want that. Thankfully it was a camp for multiple groups and so I didn’t have to do any organising beyond taking some of the scouts kit with me and being there in case anything went wrong. The scouts seemed to enjoy themselves and I also had a reasonably good time. I got to meet lots of other leaders and thankfully the weather turned out to be really good despite early forecasts of rain. All in all I’m glad I went even if it hadn’t been what I thought I’d be doing that weekend.

The camp finished about 11am on the Sunday and so I stopped off on the way home for a short hike in the afternoon to break up the three hour drive home. I’d hiked at Delap’s Cove much earlier in the year but had only had time to do one of the two loops there. At the time the second loop had also been “closed” due to a washed out bridge you had to walk down to reach it. Well the bridge was still washed out – I can’t see it ever being repaired – but the trail, and track, now obviously went across a ford. As a hiker you could step across on the rocks and not even get wet. The hike at the end was worthwhile and included a nice bit of coastline and a small, but interesting waterfall. Photos are here.

This weekend was again wet and miserable, as it had been for a large part of the week. It looks like autumn / fall has arrived with vengeance. With that in mind on the Saturday I drove down to Halifax to do some shopping. To make the trip slightly more worthwhile I also visited the Halifax Citadel, an old British fortification on a hill above Halifax. To be honest it was nothing exciting and I was quite glad that, due to my National Parks pass, I didn’t have to pay for it. As you can see from the photos the day had dried up which made looking round nicer although it did make me wonder if I could have squeezed climbing in.

Well that brings me up to date but as this is a short post I thought I’d comment on some of the everyday things in my life. Work is going well. I’ve finally submitted a paper for some software I wrote why I was doing my PhD. It did get updated a lot while I was in Kansas so that’s not (quite) as bad as it seems. I’ve also started writing a paper for the work I’ve done here and hope to have something submitted around the new year. Work on finishing up my Kansas stuff isn’t going as quickly as I’d like although it’s still ticking over.

I’ve started bouldering regularly on a Thursday evening and am starting to get to know the other people that go on that evening. They seem a good bunch, and for reasons I still don’t fully understand, they’re often allowed to stay late and they don’t mind if I join them, which is great. I’m also doing Scouts regularly on a Monday evening which I’m enjoying and am really glad I’ve got back into – seems I was right to miss it. I’m also still swimming regularly and am probably doing as well as I’ve ever done.

So all in all life here is going pretty well. I don’t think I’m quite as happy here as I was in Kansas but I’m definitely not unhappy. I also really like the field I’m currently working in and can see my trying to make a career in it so that’s a really big plus that’s come out of my move to Canada. Now I just need to find a permanent job!

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