Relative normality

Well things returned back to normal for me after my St. Louis trip. The weekend after I got back I didn’t get up to too much exciting, in part because I didn’t manage to arrange climbing. On the Saturday I went and hiked at the Gaspereau Canal. I’d started this hike not long after I arrived in Canada but a combination of the snow and my ankle meant I didn’t get very far. This time I got quite a bit further and quite enjoyed myself as it was a nice hike, if nothing special. The few photos I took are here. I honestly can’t remember what I did on the Sunday so it can’t have been anything exciting.

That Monday I finally attended my first Venturer Scout meeting as an adviser. We’re advisers rather than leaders at this level as the kids are meant to be responsible for their own program etc and we’re there to advise rather than lead. They seem a good group of kids and I still think I’ll enjoy being a scout leader again. That Thursday was a group committee meeting that I went along to so as to meet some of the other leaders. To be honest it wasn’t very exciting other than the continued discussion about selling popcorn. Selling popcorn is a national fund raising event and it’s fair to say that some of our leaders feel strongly that we shouldn’t do it, the main reason being because of how stupidly highly priced it is. Still in the end we decided we couldn’t really ignore Scouts Canada. That said I don’t see a lot of effort being put into the actual selling, at least by most of the leaders.

The following Saturday I did manage to get out climbing again. Everyone was heading to Main Face again and I joined them. Some people were camping there that night but I decided not to as I had generally not like Main Face that well. Amanda had said, before I ever went, that I should like it there and having been there I really should but I had never had a good climbing day there. That changed this day however. As I was walking down I passed a couple of people I knew and they ended up having the second person up at the top with no way to clean the anchors so I said I’d get on it. It was a hard 10c (11a according to some) but I somehow managed to dog my way to the top and clean the anchors. Given that it was my warm up and at the very top of end of my grade, well probably beyond it, I was definitely not unhappy with my performance.

Next up was a sport route that shared the same incredibly hard (for the grade) start of a trad route that I’d argued with a couple of times before – I’d get it clean on top rope but never on lead. I was rather pleased to find a different way of doing it that went a lot easier for me than it had in the past. Still hard for the grade though! The rest of the route went well as well. My final climb of the day was a new sports route that it had been put up that day. I got dissuaded from leading it as the top was the crux of the route – generally reckoned to be about 5.8 – and was run out (well at least for a sports route) due to suspect rock. I did it clean on top rope and think I’d have been alright on lead although I agree it definitely has a sting in the tail as it is currently bolted being steep and trickly a fairish way above the bolt.

So I’d finally had a really pretty good day at Main Face. I’d also managed to arrange to go to G-spot the next day with some of the people there that I’d met before but hadn’t seen out quite so often. As I hadn’t brought camping stuff this involved a drive back to Wolfville only to return the next day. 🙁

My day at G-spot didn’t start wonderfully well as we somehow arranged that as I was a one and there was a three we’d instead make two twos. Which would have been great if we’d had a second rope, which we only realised we didn’t rather late in the day. So instead they stayed a three and I went off and joined another pair to make a second three. After that faffing the day went well and I led two sports route and top-roped a third, as everyone else was leaving and so we wanted it done quick. I’d done climbing by the middle of the afternoon and as I’d driven down I decided to go for a short walk nearby so as to make the trip more worthwhile. I kept a guidebook to Halifax hikes in my car for just such an eventuality! I had a rather enjoyed short, but in places steep, hike (photos) before heading home.

The next weekend the weather again got in the way of doing anything too exciting. On the Saturday I went for a reasonably long walk around Wolfville and along the dykes in the opposite direction to normal (photos) but that was the only interesting thing I did that weekend.

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