Moving In and Exploring

Turns out that getting utilities sorted, when you have no credit history and have only had a social security number a couple of months, is easier said than done. Electricity and water were easy to fix, the faffing come with gas and cable. It all wasn’t helped by not having a mobile phone number to give them resulting in several missed calls. Gas people seemed to go from “you’re going to need to talk to our credit department” to “it’s all sorted” from one phone call to the next without me ever talking to said credit department or any other reason I could fathom. Cable people were even more confused as they had just had a new computer system installed and they had no idea how to use it to deal with a complicated case like mine. Oh well it all got sorted by the Thursday.

The rest of the week was spent at work and on frequent trips to Walmart and then building the flat pack furniture I’d just brought. The bed and mattress I’d ordered online (again from Walmart) took a little longer than expected to arrive so I only moved my stuff from the International House on the Saturday and didn’t actually sleep in the new place to the Monday night. I officially moved out of the international house after my first night in the new place.

I’d hired a car for a week to help my move and buy stuff and I’d planned to go away for the long weekend. The new place all took a bit longer than I was expecting so I ended up going on day trips on the Sunday and Monday instead. On Sunday I went to Fort Scott National Historic Site which was about a two hour drive away (photos). It was nothing particularly spectacular but it was an enjoyable way to spend a day and it was definitely nice to get away from Lawrence for a bit. On the Monday I went to Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve (photos). I’d visited it when I was on holiday in 2010 but never did any walks in the backcountry as I didn’t have the time. I had an enjoyable 10-mile walk amongst the rolling hills in pretty decent weather.

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