Back to Kansas and Somewhere to Live

Well I got back to Kansas on the Wednesday. The flight could’ve gone better for many reasons. Perhaps the most annoying was making the connection while my bags didn’t. Had to wait up to 1am to get them delivered. As I’m sure you don’t want to read me ranting I think I’d best leave it at that! When I got back I was in the International House by myself for a week although if I wanted to stay beyond that I’d have to move room as plenty of new people were arriving.

On the Friday I went and checked out the apartment complex that got recommended to me. Turns out that he has one free apartment and I really quite liked it. As I hadn’t look at anywhere else I said I’d think about it but having looked again at how little else was available I decided I’d take it so went back to tell the owner. Unfortunately it would appear he’d already left for the day. I left a message on his answer phone and he got back to me Saturday morning and I went down and sorted the paperwork. It all happened a lot quicker than I was expecting but it’s nice to finally have my own place.

The new place is a two-bedroom apartment in a block of four. All in all the complex has about twenty blocks but I was quite taken by the small individual blocks and the apartment that was free was an upstairs one which has larger windows and also means no one can walk about above you. Given how cheap the apartment is I think I got a very good deal. The apartment is however unfurnished so I had plenty to sort out before I could actually move in as I needed to get all the utilities sorted as well.

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