Exploring and a new crag

Well the weekend after my misadventures at Main Face I didn’t get to climb as everyone I knew was busy so I went exploring instead. Unfortunately I didn’t realise this was the case until Saturday morning so it was a bit of last minute plan and involved some rushing around to get ready. My plan for the Saturday was relatively sane and first involved heading to a waterfall about an hour from Wolfville and which I hadn’t yet managed to work into a plan being a bit too far to go just for it but a bit too close to easily combine with anything else. It was about a mile from the road, and was a reasonable nice waterfall in a really nice setting even if there were a lot of people swimming in the pool. Did look a cool place to go for a swim but I hadn’t brought swim stuff so it wasn’t to be for me, maybe another time. Photos are here.

Next up in my plan was to go and do a hike from my hiking Nova Scotia guidebook that involved two loops with some walking along an old road in between. As it turns out I only did the nearer loop as apparently a bridge on the road was out and you couldn’t get to the further loop. As I was running a bit short of time by this point I decided not to see quite how unreachable it was. Still was a nice little walk through a wood to reach the coast and then to another waterfall just after you headed inland again. So there’s more photos of waterfalls. As I still had a little bit of daylight left I drove around the surrounding area a bit which was reasonable attractive and took some more photos, mostly of quaint little lighthouses. Finally I headed into Annapolis Royal to see what that town was like. Not bad as touristy towns go but I think there’s nicer in Nova Scotia. Photos of Annapolis Royal, including another quaint ligthouse, are here.

After that I went to a provincial park to camp for the night. I got myself up reasonably early the next day as my slightly mad plan for the day involved driving to Brier Island and doing a 12 mile walk around it. As it was a couple of hours drive, and two short ferry rides, away I had to leave early to ensure I had enough time to do the hike. As it happens, and somewhat unusually for me, I was up at a reasonable time, did the drive OK and was setting out walking by a little bit after 11:30. I was both pleased and surprised by this!

The hike itself was a bit of a disappointment as it mostly followed ATV trails around the island and boy had they ripped the place up. They certainly didn’t seem to follow the hikers ethic of staying on the trail, even it means going through puddles etc, so as to not make the trail wider. However there was one very cool thing about the hike – Seal Cove. I heard the seals long before I could see them and indeed it was only after I saw them that I realised what the noise was. There must have been about one hundred of them sitting on rocks in the cove. A bit too far away to get decent photos but still pretty amazing to see and hear. I had the hike done by about 7 in the evening – my GPS claims it was nearer 13 miles, before I started the long drive home. On the way I did a quick visit to Balanched Rock on Long Island. The “Balanced Rock” I found rather disappointingly small although it was in a scenic locations. There’s even some photos of me took by some other people there, although I forgot to change the exposure back to normal before giving them the camera so they’re probably overexposed. There are photos from where I camped, the drive down Digby Neck to Brier Island, the hike itself and Balancing Rock.

The week was once again taken up with work and I didn’t get up to much exciting. I did however go for a short walk one evening after work and saw, what I think, were Eagles. They were certainly large birds of prey. Unfortunately they were quite a distance away and the light was fading so the photos aren;t that great.

That weekend I managed to get climbing both days and even managed to get new crag points on the Saturday as it was my first trip to Sorrows End where I met up with Emily and Dan. The guidebook approach description was useless but I somehow still managed to find the place and have a very enjoyable day. I only led one route and although it wasn’t quick and involved a few rests it was pleasing that my head was in a much better place than a couple of weekends before. I also seconded or top-roped a few others. I like the crag and it’s somewhere I want to go back to. I even managed to take photos on my first visit to a crag for once!

Sunday saw me back at Main Face where I successfully led the first pitch of the 5.7 with the stupidly hard start. OK I ended up clipping the first bolt on the adjacent (very, very adjacent) sport route but it was still pleasing to lead it even if I was a little slow. Wasn’t completely my fault for once as a passing rain shower caused a delay half way up! After that I seconded up a 5.6 chimney with a sack. The route was really quite enjoyable even if having a sack with me did make it rather more “interesting”. Something I shall have to lead one day – although preferably not while trying to maneuver a sack with a full lead rack in it! Another enjoyable day.

Next weekend I’m off to Cape Breton as it’s a long weekend here so the next post may not be too far off as hopefully I’ll have lets to talk about!

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