Arthur and my apartment

The first thing to note after I got back from Denver was the appearance of Arthur early Saturday morning. Unsurprisingly with such a storm in the offing I hadn’t made any plans for Saturday and by the time I finally pulled myself out of bed that morning I was without power. I managed to potter around for the day before, making many cups of tea on my camping stove, before deciding to head out to get dinner as power outages seemed patchy and I didn’t fancy cooking on the stove. Turns out that I wasn’t the only person with that idea as every open food establishment in New Minas, the local shopping area, was absolutely heaving with people. By the time I got home power had been restored but this turned out only to be temporary as it was gone again in a couple of hours. The rest of the evening was spent doing more pottering and planning climbing for Sunday as it looked like being a reasonable day.

Sunday saw me back at G Spot with what is quickly becoming the normal crowd. It’s probably safe to say that it was my most productive day climbing in Nova Scotia so far even if I did only lead one route. The day started with top-roping (third up) a nice easy trad route before seconding a much harder sports route which I took a couple of falls on. After an easier sports route I led my one route of the day, the same sports route that had been my very first rock route in Canada. It went much easier this time on lead than it had on top rope. I suspect this is due both to getting back into climbing and to getting more used to the rock here. I finished the day by seconding one more sports route. It’s definitely a crag I should do more leading at.

The following week was mostly spent working although I did also go swimming several times in an attempt to lose weight and get fitter. Friday evening got more exciting as my boss was holding a lab party at his house. This turned out to be no where near as bad as I feared it might be and I ended up rather enjoying myself even if I did get rather more drunk than I was expecting. It was also nice to catch up with Laura and her baby again, especially as Kayleigh was looking considerably more perky than last time I’d seen her.

Saturday I went climbing at Main Face. Thankfully everyone else was having a late start as well as I certainly didn’t fancy being up and about early. Climbing wise the day was a bit of a shit one for me. I led one trad route in terrible style, getting myself shit scared and taking way too long. I’d hoped I’d largely left that sort of thing behind me but it would appear not. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again for a while although on the positive side I was at least trying moves rather than just staying still like I have in the past. I’m pretty sure part of the issue is a fear of falling I seem to have developed as the hard move was off a rather large ledge and the fear of hitting it was definitely making me nervous. I’m wondering if doing some bouldering and falling off will help me get over the fear. I also think I need to take some lead falls.

One other climbing related thing of note is that I appear to have lost my nut key (tool). I’ve had this since I started climbing way back in 1999. This makes me rather sad. I’m hoping it’s around the apartment somewhere but it’s no where obvious. :-(

Sunday I decided not to go climbing again as I was pretty sure I would not be in the right mood for it after the day before especially as I was feeling rather tired. After a pretty lazy start I went for a two hour hike at Mount Uniacke, somewhere I’d cut a hike short in the snow as I was unhappy with the conditions. Still didn’t do the whole circuit but got a lot more of if it done. Even doing that though made me think that I was right not to climb as I found it more tiring than I should have done. The few photos I took are here. After I got home I watched the world cup final and that pretty much brings me up to date.

One other thing of note is that I’ve finally put up photos of my apartment. I’ve been waiting until I got it almost sorted and after putting up a few prints of my photos I now think it pretty much is. I’d still like to do more with the rather empty half of my office but have yet to decide what. If anyone has any bright ideas that don’t cost much I’ll gladly hear them. The bathroom is definitely my least favourite room and I’m not a great fan of the kitchen either but other than that I’m pleased with how it’s all turned out.

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