Climbing and first aid courses

That Saturday and Sunday I went climbing. First time I’ve climbed both days of a weekend in Canada. And I took photos and everything! Saturday we went back to the “hard” crag, First Face, and once again I only got to the top of one route – the same route as last time. However this time it felt much easier so it looks like I’m getting my climbing fitness back. I even now have plans to lead it at some point despite it’s 10a trad nature. That said I may well end up pre-placing the first bit of gear, as is the norm apparently, as the first moves are very bouldery with a very shit landing. To prove I took photo’s here they are!

Sunday we returned to the scene of my first Canadian trad lead from the other weekend, Main Face. There was a communication failure at the start of the day which resulted in me being at one bit of the crag while everyone else was at a different bit. While I was physically close to them I was separated from everyone else by the lake so it was either a swim or a long walk if I wanted to reach them. The walk would have taken too long and I had no dry bag for my gear so I just settled in to wait for them to get to me once they’d finished the route they were doing. Turns out I fell asleep on a rock and got slightly sunburn. Whoops!

After we all ended up in the same place I got posted up a reasonably easy trad route which had a couple of bold feeling moves on it – although in reality they probably aren’t. It felt like I took quite a while committing to them but apparently I did it with a lot more grace than a lot of people. Not my finest moment but at the same time pleasing as it does appear my lead head is returning. Yes I took some time but not a stupid amount of time and I did do it. After that I seconded Amanda up a route I will have to lead one day as it’s not too hard although the start is once again quite bouldery. Photos are here.

That week the exciting thing was that I finally got my bed and immediately started sleeping better. Yay! The next weekend I did a “Wilderness and Remote First Aid” course. As I was way out of date with my first aid this turned out to be a very worthwhile refresher. While on the last course I decided to stay the extra day for the advance version and I’m glad I did as there was some interesting stuff there including diagnosing abdominal pain which could be useful in the backcountry. Still think the way they teach these courses doesn’t suit my learning style but I have to admit it was well done.

Once again there’s not a whole lot to report from the week. That weekend the weather decided to stop me climbing. However on the Saturday the weather was actually quite nice where I live, just not where the climbing is, so I went for a hike. I slipped and bruised my thigh near the start and it wasn’t the most exciting hike but still I had a good time. Photos are here. Sunday the weather was looking terrible everywhere so I headed down to Halifax to scope out wet weather options for when my parents visit in September. I started by visiting Emily and her boyfriend, Dan, for a cup of tea that turned into a two-hour chat. After that I headed to the Maritime museum which, while a reasonable way to kill a couple of hours was, nothing too spectacular. They did however have a parrot! I then wandered around the harbour area for a while as by that time it had come out sunny. Photos of the museum and harbour are here.

What else interesting has happen. Well I’ve brought a TV. Mostly to watch the World Cup. I’ve decided not to get cable or anything and instead just stream stuff or watch TVs. The apartment is really starting to come along now. Other than that not a whole lot else exciting but I’m off to Evolution and then climbing in Colorado on Friday so there should be lot’s to report there.

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