More outside climbing. Wooo!

Well I picked up the keys to the new apartment OK despite my concerns about how well organised it was. I also popped into work for a while that Monday before moving all of my stuff out of storage and into the apartment that evening. The new apartment will take a while to get sorted but at least now I have my own place. Less good was that my bed had not arrived. Laura, my lab manager, and I had come up with a cunning plan where she would order the bed from Ikea while I was away so that it would be here when I got back. As she was putting in a big order anyway, due to the imminent arrival of her child, this didn’t really cause her any problems. However what neither of us had foreseen was how long it would take to be delivered and it seems I’ll be without abed for about 2 and a half weeks. Laura has has lent me an air mattress but it’s not the same and I’m just not sleeping well. 🙁

Later that week I had a chat with Sean about where my project was going and after some discussion and a few e-mails I feel much happier about how work in general is going. Fingers crossed it lasts and I don’t run into any Kansas style problems.

That weekend was a long weekend. My original plan had been to go away for the weekend and possibly visit Kejimkujik National Park. However it turned out that I could get out climbing on the Saturday so I did that before heading down to Kejimkujik. I went climbing with the same group as before and once again managed to find where they were after I arrived a bit later than them – stupid longer drive! I seconded one route but the highlight of the day was doing my first trad lead since Red Rocks – over 6 months. One of the women there, Emily, had taken a big fall when she got off-route but the actual route looked quite amenable and was a reasonable grade so I led it while she seconded up it. All in all an enjoyable day. I really will have to start taking photos of these places.

Sunday morning saw me driving to Kejimkujik. All in all I was a little disappointed by it I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that walking through forests isn’t really my thing unless I’m aiming for something cool. That said some of the lakes looked pretty cool and if I ever get around to doing some canoeing it seems a good place to go. Photos from Sunday are here. That night I camped in the pack before waking up to a wet morning. Given the weather and the fact I wasn’t overly impressed with the park I decided to head over to the Seaside Adjunct bit of the a park – a quite separate bit about an hour’s drive from the main park.

Arriving at the parking lot it was still wet and the facilities were nearly non-existent. Still I got the wet gear on and started walking. And I’m really glad I did as the weather cleared up a bit and it was a really enjoyable hike. Unfortunately as it was looking like it was going to be wet and miserable I’d left the camera in the car so there’s no photos. Still I’d like to go back on a nicer day so you may yet get to see what it’s like. As it was still reasonably early in the day I explored the coast line some more on my way home. Nothing too exciting to report although I did take some photos.

There appears to be nothing exciting to report for the next week. I spent it working and organizing the apartment. However that Saturday I went out climbing with a similar group as before but this time to a third new crag. Most of the routes at First Face are quite hard so I spent the day top roping. The only route I successfully got to the top of was a 10a and even then it was with a few falls. Still it was nice to be out and getting to know people and I’m slowly getting back into climbing. The next day I couldn’t climb as my lab were all going out for brunch with our now rather pregnant lab manager. She turned up rather late due to being asleep but other than that it all went well and it was quite enjoyable.

After another week at work and sorting out the apartment I went out on a hike on the Friday with the rest of my lab as a lab outing and a way of showing our visiting Vietnamese student some of Nova Scotia. We went and hike Cape Split, something I’d down several months before and which was quite a bit easier both due to there being no snow on the ground and having got myself fitter. I got lots of photos of a really rather friendly student, some photos of the the landscape and not very many of my lab mates. Anyway all the photos are here. We all posed for a lab photo on an outcrop of work. Seems I was rather bolder than anyone else in getting close to the edge with the lab ranging from me within a few inches to others who wouldn’t get within a few meters. I didn’t take the photo but I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on it and put it up at some point.

Well that seems a good place to break things so I’ll describe that weekend in my next post.

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