Fillings and too much snow and ice

One of these days I’ll update my blog when I intend to… but I’m definitely not holding my breath!

I did get my first ever filling… and my second on the same day, about four hours after the first when the first one came out at work. This, to say the least, shocked my dentist who said he’d never had that happen to him before. Can’t say I was particularly happy about it! It would also appear that local anesthetic doesn’t work that great with me as I needed a lot, it took a long time to kick in and it still wasn’t totally effective, much like the times I’ve had it in the past, which of course made it all a little more fun. Thankfully the second attempt appears to be staying put.

On related notes my pyshio had pointed me at a doctors that was accepting new patients and I had a new patient appointment that week as well. Nothing exciting to report there. Also saw the pyshio again and as progress was being made and my insurance would only pay for one more visit we agreed to hold of on that for a bit.

That Sunday (the 9th) I went hiking along a disused railway track at Nictaux Station. To be honest it wasn’t the most exciting hike but there were some cool ice formations towards the end of it and the frozen lake at my turn round point was worth seeing. In total I hiked 10 miles and, boy, could I tell that I had. My fitness is definitely coming back but still has a way to go yet. Photos are here.

Fairly sure that nothing much exciting happened during the next week so we’ll jump forward to the next Sunday when I went for a hike again. This time I went to Uniacke Estate Museum Park. I found some of the views around the lake really quite scenic and quite enjoyed myself. Didn’t get as much hiking done as I’d have liked as there was still a lot of small and ice around and this week it was making walking rather difficult and I didn’t want to risk my ankle more so I turned around less than half way round the loop I was planning to do. Will have to go back and do the full loop at some point once the snow and ice has gone as I think I’ll enjoy it. Photo from this day are here.

Well something mildly exciting happened at work during the next week. The Masters student in our lab successfully defended his thesis. This took place in Truro, where my faculty is based, and which is about a two hour drive from where we are based. Didn’t get a chance to see much of the town or campus really as it was a bit of a flying visit but at least now I know roughly where it is. I also spoke with one of the members of staff there who suggested I might teach a course. I will have to talk to Sean about this as I want to do so as teaching is sadly lacking from my CV and it will need to be there if I’m to apply for faculty jobs on this side of the pond.

That Sunday I once again went out for a hike and, once again, was somewhat thwarted by snow and ice. I headed back down Mahone Bay way to hike an old railway track and have a bit more of an explore. The railway bed turned out to have significant stretches of pretty much sheet ice so after a couple of miles I took an alternative way back along roads. As it turned out this was by no means a bad thing as the roads hugged the shoreline and were really quite scenic. Photos from this bit of the day are here.

Next up I drove along the cost a bit to Graves Island provincial park. I’d seen this last time I was in the area but hadn’t had time to explore. Although the park was all gated for winter you’re still allowed to walk in and explore. As the name suggests it’s an island, quite a small one, and I walked all the way around it sticking as close to the shore as I could for a total of two miles. Was really quite enjoyable even if the weather was slowly getting worse and the wind starting to build up to the point it was uncomfortable. Photos from this bit are here.

Finally I drove to Peggy’s Cove. This has quite the reputation as a tourist spot but although really quite scenic I think I’ve seen nicer bits of the coast. Maybe it’s its proximity to Halifax that makes it so well known. Or maybe my view was just jaded a bit as by the time I got there it was quite late in the day, the wind had picked up, and it was unpleasantly cold. Will need to go back on a nicer day for a bit more of an explore and maybe a small bit of hiking, especially as some of the rocks looked quite cool so I can see it being quite nice if you escape the crowds. The final photos from the day are here.

Well that’s me caught up to the point at which I went on a birthday trip to Colorado and Kansas City which I’ll cover in my next post.

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