A little exploring

Well less than a month this time but still slightly longer than I was expecting. Starting where I left of last time, I didn’t get that apartment as they’d already rented it. They must have known that was a good possibility when they showed it to me but no-one mentioned anything. Turns out, however, that they did also have the apartment above it available from May and I’ve now signed a lease for it. It not being available to May makes things a little complicated as I’m out of my current place at the end of April and will be back in the UK at the end of April / beginning of May so will have no way to move my stuff so I’m going to have to put my stuff in storage for a couple of weeks. On the positive side it gives me more of a chance to recover, money wise, from moving out here and booking flights to England. It’s also a top floor apartment so no noise from above and, for some reason, I liked it more than the one below although that may have just been because it was much tidier.

Well I have been going to physio for my ankle. I’ve been four times so far and it definitely seems to be helping. I think a lot of the progress has just been learning to trust it again and knowing what it’s going to do. I’ve been four times but my health insurance will only cover 6 visits so hopefully good progress will continue to be made and that will be enough. I would pay for some more visits myself but at $60 a visit I’m not going to want to pay for many. She did advise me to hold of on all climbing for a couple of weeks so there’s been no progress on that front, although she did seem quite positive about me being able to boulder again soon so it wasn’t all bad. One other advantage of seeing the physio was that she knew that a couple of new family doctors in the building were accepting new patients and I’ve now signed up with one. Apparently there’s a bit of a shortage of family doctors around here so I was expecting it to be rather harder finding one that’s accepting new patients. I have a “new patient” appointment tomorrow so I’ll see what I think of him.

I’ve also been for a dental check up, which was somewhat overdue because I was last due to go for one just as I was leaving Kansas. It generally went well although apparently I need a filling as I’ve chipped a bit off one of my rear teeth by grinding. This would be my first ever filling and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Apparently the dentist said it had probably been like it for a while and it’s not giving me any pain or anything so I’m wondering whether it’s worth it. I’m currently booked in for it on Wednesday but I’m thinking I may try to chat with him before hand for a little bit more discussion of the pros and cons – I think when they mentioned it to me I think I just wanted to get out of there having been there for an hour having a scaling so not sure I really took it in properly.

Last Tuesday I went to a Venture Scout meeting to see what they were like and to see whether I wanted to become a leader there. I have to say it was much more like the Scouting I was used to in Britain then the Scout meeting I went to in America. Apparently it’s easier to justify having an unchecked adult there if they’re actually doing something so I gave a presentation on climbing. Well when I say presentation I brought my gear along and chatted about it for quite a while. Still seemed to go over well and they seem like a good group so I’m going to start the process of becoming a leader. This seems to require even more background checks etc than the UK and no one’s quite sure how it’s all going to go with me not being Canadian but I hope to get the ball rolling tomorrow by going to the RCMP and asking for a criminal record check.

Last Saturday I went to Blomidon State Park to go for a hike. This is only about 30 minutes drive from me so seemed like a good place to visit. When I turned up there it was quickly obvious that there was still rather more snow on the ground than I’d been expecting. Still now I was there I decided to do at least a bit of a walk. Well I managed a mile in over an hour as the snow was deep enough to be quite hard work and my ankle was really not enjoying it. After a mile I reached the park road and decided that it was probably a good idea to head back to the car. Although the distance was about the same by the road the walking was a lot easier so I was back at the car in a reasonable time. Was a bit disappointed not to get a longer walk in but it was certainly quite scenic and somewhere I’ll have to go back to and explore some more.

After finishing my hike I decided to explore the coast some more. I soon stopped at a small harbour I’d seen on the way to the park to take some pictures as it was really quite picturesque. The next place I stopped was Baxter Harbour were, down a good dirt road to the edge of the sea, I found a rather stunning waterfall. I’m sure normally it wouldn’t be too impressive but it had been a bit warmer and a lot of the snow was melting. The fall had clearly once been frozen and there remained a sheet of ice in front of the falling water and that looked very cool indeed. A totally unexpected find that really made me day. After the water fall I headed to Hall’s Harbour – where the ice climbing had been – and this time actually took a few photos. Unfortunately my ankle was hurting from the hike so I didn’t fancy the bouldery beach and what with the sun being right behind the ice climbs I was unable to get any photos of the climbing from where I was. Photos from the day are here.

Yesterday I also went for a hike. This time I headed to the south coast of Nova Scotia to an area which which was meant to be one of the more scenic areas of the province. I first went for about a four and a half mile hike at Gaff Point. My ankle didn’t like the walk along the pebbly beach much but other than that it was really quite enjoyable with some really nice coastline. After this I went to the towns of Luhenburg and Mahone Bay which were both very attractive although I get the impression they’d both be best enjoyed by having a walk around them. However it was a bit cold for that! Also as it was winter a lot of the shops and tourist attractions were shut. So they’ve gone on my list of places to visit in the summer, probably when my parents visit as I think they’re enjoy them. After a bit more driving, including finding a random harbour – wish I had a tripod with me – I headed home. Another very cool day – Nova Scotia has some really nice coastline! Photos from this day are here.

Well that’s what I’ve been upto. Well that and arguing with KU about my pay stubs and taxes which a) will bore you silly and b) I don’t want to talk about. I did take some photos of the apartment I’m currently living in and my car in case any one wants to see them.

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