Last week was spent in Texas. First for a work meeting in Austin and then a mainly hiking trip to Big Bend National park and one or two other places. I have, as normal, written a trip report for it, which you’ll find in the US section, but there are still a few things to say here.

Probably the biggest bit of news is that I learnt that my boss had been enquiring about extending my contract to a full two years. Don’t really know more than that at the moment as he’s been ill since I’ve been back but I feel it’s likely I’d take it if it did come to pass as it would have a lot of positive results for hopefully not too much inconvenience – I thought the main one would be having to find somewhere to live as I thought my current place would require a year’s renewal in September but having spoke to my landlord yesterday it seems we can probably sort something out.

It also turns out to have snowed, a lot, in Kansas why I was gone. So ironically when the snow my boss promised me turns up I’m not even here. That said it did snow some more over night Monday but I awoke Tuesday to find a quite disappointing amount of snow. Still it was enough to give me the day off work spent sledging and drinking beer with Carol and one of her friends. I’ve put up a few photos of Lawrence in the snow in the Kansas section of the gallery.

As for the trip I was once again pleasantly surprised by how fit I’ve got. Although I’ve done similar length hiking days before I’ve never felt so recovered the next day. I’m starting to wonder just how fit I can get! Hopefully I can translate it to climbing. Have also now reached a new lowest weight and have had a couple of really good swimming sessions since I’ve been back. Inspired by people writing reviews of 2012 I intend to write a bit of as review of my time here so far in another blog post very soon.

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