Oddly enough more climbing but also more parties

Well I’ve been a bit quicker this time – mainly because I’ll be doing more exciting stuff next week so it makes sense to update this before then. Climbing will get mentioned quite a lot again but there’s also been parties and I’ll mention a bit about work. If you wait until the end I’ll even tell you my exciting plans for the next week.

So what has happened since last time. My calendar tells me I last updated my blog on a Monday. I can’t really remember the early part of the week so it can’t have been that exciting! Thursday I went climbing at Monster as usual and then, again as usual, to tacos and beer. It was Carol’s birthday on the Friday and we ended up, just, staying to help her see it in. On the way back to Lawrence we stopped at McDonald’s for Carol as despite being a vegetarian she celebrates her birthday with McDonald’s cheese burgers and bacon (amongst other things…). Saturday evening was part 2 of Carol’s birthday as she was having a party at a gymnastics gym where she used to work. Was a fun evening which I came away unhurt from, as did most people thankfully!

Sunday I went climbing at Cliff Drive with Erica. This is the local crag in Kansas City and is described as terrible by lots of people. I actually found it not at all bad. Yes it’s small and not the most impressive but has the definite advantage of being the nearest roped climbing by quite some way. Although it was a nice day and quite warm when not climbing the rock is always in the shade meaning your fingers got rather cold climbing. Still I had a good day and even managed a reasonable trad lead. Will need to go back on a warmer day to try some of the harder stuff.

Again I can’t remember much of the early part of the next week. That Thursday I again went climbing at Monster and this time it was Seth’s birthday so another rather late but good evening. Saturday I went to Warsaw with Seth, Russell and a few others. Turned out we hardly saw the sun so it was quite a chilly day but I once again had a good day. It being a good day was helped by getting a route clean, and quite easily, that I’d previously had to take a rest on. Also tried a harder overhanging route on top rope which I was pleased to get to the top of even if in terrible style. No way I’d ever lead it as it involved some interesting bolting and a ledge…

Things have been pretty much as per normal since then with not much exciting to report. Had another swimming lesson and my front crawl is getting there slowly, very slowly! Can definitely tell I knew very little about it to begin with as it’s definitely taking it’s time but it’s also obvious progress is being made which is pleasing. I’ve also now returned to my pre-Christmas weight.

As promised a comment on work. On the whole work is still going well and I’m enjoying it. However there is one particular problem that has been bugging me for a couple of months now that has made me suspect the rest of my work. The problem is with someone else’s model and I just don’t trust it despite it being published (for obvious reasons I won’t say what model it is). Finally over the last few days I’ve made some progress. I have finally work out where, in a simple case, some of the results are coming from I just can’t work out why! The math / maths is all a little confusing and there’s an extra factor of two in some places and I can’t work out why. Oh well hopefully that will come soon now I know it’s there!

As for the next week, well I’m off to Austin, Texas tomorrow for a meeting on Saturday. After that I plan to drive to Big Bend National Park and spend a few days walking and sightseeing. Big Bend is in the middle of nowhere in the South of Texas right on the border with Mexico and all three people I know who have been have sung it’s praises. It was my original destination for Thanksgiving before I realised some people would be going and is somewhere I really want to visit so I’m rather pleased to finally be going. Hopefully I’ll have a great time and I’ll be able to write an interesting blog post when I return.

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