I Have a Car…

And yes it is a Ford and yes, it is an estate (or station wagon in American speak). No, it is not gold.

It was rather an accident that it ended up being a Ford estate. I certainly wasn’t being that fussy about what I’d got. I had worked out that I probably wouldn’t be able to get even a half decent car for the sort of money I’d been hoping to so decided to spend a bit more. But even at that price my options were somewhat limited. I’d decided to buy from a dealer as a slightly safer bet having never brought a car in the US before and having done some research there was only one local dealer that seemed to get good feedback and sell cars at the right price.

As his lot was within walking distance I’d gone and looked at it a few times and he generally had cars around the price I was willing to pay. However when I finally had the money to get one and went to look he only had slightly more expensive cars. When I went back a few days later he had something a little cheaper on his lot… and it just happened to be a Ford estate, a Taurus to be precise.

I took it for a test drive and had decided to buy it when the “Check Engine Soon” light come on. As I was really wanting a car by this point I let him know that I’d still be interested if he fixed this and by the Monday he’d done so. Having made sure I knew everything that I needed to do with respect to registration and the like I brought the car. It was nice to be mobile again!

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