Broken cars and broken weather

By the time I’d got through immigration and picked up my car it was even later by the time I started driving back to Wolfville. I stopped in Windsor for a drink and it was then that my car decided it was going to misbehave. For the rest of the drive home it was semi-regularly misfiring. Given the time and how tired I was I chanced it and kept going and thankfully made it home. The car went in the garage on the Friday and turns out it needed a new coil for one of the cylinders. Thankfully not a very difficult or expensive repair so I soon had a working car again. Nothing much else exciting to report from the first few days back. Everything was much as it was before I left.

That Saturday I went for a walk around Wolfville. There was a little bit of snow on the ground and some really nice light so I got some photos which I really like. Sunday I started to feel a bit ill so didn’t get up to much and I ended up taking a day and a half off of work. Even after I was back in work I still wasn’t feeling right and it was the end of the week before I started feeling normal again so there’s nothing much to report.

That weekend the weather precluded me doing anything too exciting. I went bouldering on the Saturday and swam on the Sunday. Last January, just after I arrived here, it was proper wintery with lots of snow and a storm or two. This year the weather is broken and can’t decide whether it wants to do winter or not. Some days we’re get a little bit of snow, other days it will be well above freezing and it will all melt again. The end result of all this is there’s normally no snow, often ice and it’s often raining. And we only seem to get nice sunny days on work days. All of which doesn’t exactly make for the best conditions for doing something outdoors. 🙁

The last week has been more of the same. Got out this Saturday for a short walk around Wolfville before the rain hit. It was briefly snow but then turned to lots of rain instead. Wonderful! Sunday was I went for a swim. That was the highlight. Once again the weather was not wonderful.

What else can I report on. Works going OK and I’m starting to arrange a trip to Europe in the summer. My boss has decided to send me to SMBE, which is in Vienna this year at the beginning of July. I intend to combine it with some time in England seeing friends and the like. I’ve booked the hotel for the conference but haven’t booked flights yet as there’s some family stuff that needs sorting before I decide on dates. Once I have dates sorted I may well try and arrange a weekend climbing meet-up for while I’m back in England. Would be good to have a big meet up and climb in England as neither has happened in quite some time for me now.

I brought snow shoes before Christmas but this weather has meant I can’t use them. I have a couple of three day weekends coming up so I’m thinking of heading away for at least one of them so that I can do some snow shoeing and see somewhere new. The next two weekends are also when they feed the Eagles near me and I plan to go to at least one feeding and get some photos. Hopefully that will be cool. So there should be something more exciting to report in my next blog post. Assuming of course that the weather doesn’t muck everything up. Which seems likely.

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  1. Sarah Clough says:

    I’ve finally got an rss push app that does what I want so have started reading my friends’ blogs again!
    Eagles and snow shoes sound fun, as does a UK weekend meet-up.

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