Nothing Too Exciting…

Well not a whole to exciting happened in the week after I got back from Thanksgiving. My laptop arrived on the Monday and I managed to get my wages and ID card sorted. I went and investigated the uni’s climbing wall. It’s quite small and you can’t lead except on club nights when you’re a member. Turns out they also provide staff as belayers. The bouldering although small looked quite good. All in all a bit of a strange setup and not sure how often I’ll go. I also found out that the swimming pool is shut when it clashes with men’s basketball games – I have no idea why and nor did the member of staff on duty.

The next week I found out that, as staff, I had to pay to use the uni’s climbing wall as it’s in the student recreation centre. That scurrpered climbing plans one evening as you could only pay when the office was open during the day. Did pay, only about $5/week, and go the next day but as most of the people that use it are young undergrads and I now have to pay I still wasn’t sure I’d use that often.

By this stage I had worked out that the Chinese guy I was sharing the house with was a tit and really up him self. Tried telling the Italian girl that we also share with how to improve her English despite her English being much better than his. It was becoming clear why I didn’t see much of her – we were both avoiding the Chinese guy.

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