Visiting Friends and Christmas

Well most of my time has spent still being lazy at my parents and getting some work done. I did however rent a car again and go off visiting lots of friends. The Thursday evening before Christmas saw me heading back North to see one of my old university friends, his wife and rather new child. Due to traffic, and some miscommunication between us, I arrived slightly late but still had plenty of time for an enjoyable visit, which included being fed proper sausages. Win! I was staying the night but as Mark was working the next morning so I was up rather early on my way to visit Sarah again. As I was seeing Sarah in the afternoon I had time to go for a swim and do some shopping in Manchester.

I stayed at Sarah’s for quite some time, including being fed dinner, before heading off to see Adam and Kate again. Kate was out that evening but I did manage to see a slightly drunk Kate for a little while when she got in. They kindly put me up yet again and fed me breakfast before I headed a bit south to catch up with an old climbing partner, another Sarah, who was watching a Morris dancing event. Pretty sure Morris dancing isn’t my thing but it was good to catch up as I hadn’t managed to see her the previous Christmas so it had been a while. That evening I had planned to catch up with a few old friends who were meeting up for a walk and drinks. However turns out I had the wrong day as someone had posted the wrong date on Facebook and I failed to notice the correction. Whoops. So instead I headed to the CC hut to spend the night and spent an enjoyable evening chatting with the custodian and his wife.

Next morning I went to visit Colin and after an enjoyable couple of hours I went and visited Andy and Julie. Although I’d seen them the previous Christmas it had only been at a New Year party so we hadn’t had a chance to properly catch up but we soon put that right as I was there several hours. I also got a chance to finally see their place and their one remaining rat. They’d kept rats for some time and I’d never managed to meet them. Now they were planning on taking a break from keeping them so only had one, rather old rat left. Oh well, at least I managed to meet one!

That evening I did the long drive back to my parents before the next evening going down to visit an old school friend who I’d already caught up with in London. However going to visit him at home meant I also got a chance to catch up with his significant other and child. As normal I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening before the hour and a half drive home. They’re planning on moving a lot nearer my parents in the New Year so hopefully I won’t have to do the long drive next time I visit.

Like every year my brother and sister-in-law had decided to spend Christmas at my mum and dad’s again and once again this meant a slightly unusual Christmas as my sister-in-law, a nurse, was working in the morning. This did at least mean I could have a nice slow start to the day, which given that I’m not a morning person – I’m sure that came as a surprise to no one – was rather nice. Even got a chance to go for a short walk and take some photos. A rather nice family Christmas was had and my brother and his wife stayed around to Boxing Day mid-afternoon so I had a nice chance to really properly catch up with them, including going for a walk where we saw someone flying some cool kites of which I got some photos. The couple of days after Christmas flew by and I was soon packing for my trip to Denver and then onwards to my new job.

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