The good, the bad and the ugly

Another quite short update time as I’ve been quite busy again. After Colorado I had a pretty normal week at work followed by a lazy weekend at home. As I was going to be away for the next four weekends this seemed like a good idea!

On the Saturday the most interesting thing I did was go to a pool party at one of Mary Ashley’s friends. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball and it was cloudy and not that warm – see Si occasionally we do see clouds although I have no photographic proof. Still most of us got in the water and a good time was had.

Next weekend was the delayed club trip. I traveled down with Seth and had offered to help to teach people the next day. Seth wanted to camp at Sam’s and so we didn’t get to HCR to after everyone from the club had already gone climbing. We tried to find people but they weren’t n the obvious place. As it happens I was having a bad hay fever weekend so was in no state to teach – the bad.

The good was that I made the most of it and still got fair bit of climbing in, even if none of out was very hard and even of I did fall of a route I’d previously flashed. That evening the club provided food but I didn’t stay around b long and went to bed still feeling not great.

Sunday I did help a friend and her inexperienced other half by making sure he was safe and cleaning routes. It had rained a bit that morning and that seemed to make my hay fever better for the last couple of routes.

The Wednesday after I got back from the club trip I headed to Minneapolis to meet up with Mary Ashley who had been at a conference there. I got there a little before midnight and meet up with a slightly tipsy Mary Ashley before sleeping on her hotel room floor.

Thursday was the last day of Mary Ashley’s conference but as she’d decided she wasn’t going to attend it in the morning we went and got brunch. On the way back my car started to overheat. Turns out my less than one year old radiator had a crack. Very definitely bad! By throwing money at it I was able to get it fixed that afternoon so it wouldn’t effect out plans for the weekend. I also still had enough time to have a reasonable look around both Minneapolis and St Paul. I’ve writing the touristy bits on the US bit of this website here.

That evening I found a British ‘pub’. While the fish and chips was not that good they did have some reasonable British ales on tap. After the day ICS had these went down a bit too well! May Ashley and some other people from her conference joined me later and then we walked down to the Mississippi so we didn’t get to sleep to rather late. So much for or plan for an early start the next day.

Saturday afternoon I noticed my car appeared to be over heating again. It appeared I had another small coolant leak. It didn’t affect out day at all bit it did the next day. When we got to where we were planning to go climbing the next day I noticed the leak had got worse so we knocked climbing on the head and started heading back to Minneapolis.

We stopped to have a quick look at a light house but shortly after we’d stopped for lunch it was clear we weren’t going to make it to Minneapolis. The AAA came to the rescue and Mary Ashley even made her flight even if she did turn up at the airport in a tow truck.

We managed to find somewhere that would take a look at the car the next morning and I found a motel to spend an unexpected night in Minneapolis. Next day I found out that, as expected, it was indeed the heater core that was leaking. Rather annoying given it had only been replaced a few weeks before.

Turns out it was too big a job to finish that day but he could bypass the heater core and get me on the road so I made it back late that evening – unfortunately too late for my photography class.

So my car was the bad but I had a really good weekend despite that. I thought the ugly would be trying to sort out the mess and the cost but so far things have gone well. I’ve had the cost of the bypass refunded by the people who put the core in and they’ve agreed to replace it. They’ve also said the radiator is under warranty so I I’m hopeful of getting more money back when we discuss the radiator when they replace the heater core.

At the moment I’m at a conference outside Salt Lake City and after it I’m going to take a few days off and head to Idaho for some hiking so car repairs will have to wait a while.

I don’t have much other news. Still doing physical therapy and I think it’s helping. Also still struggling with work although I think I’m getting close to solving the large problem I’ve been trying to solve.

This blog post is dated 21st June as that’s when I wrote it. I didn’t actually add it to my blog until July as I hadn’t finished writing up the Minnesota trip report.

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