So onto April

So onto April. I suppose the first real thing of note that happened in April was being taken to a strip club for my birthday – apparently this was Mary Ashley’s doing. Not quite sure what to make of that! I’d never been to one before and had a good time – although I think there’s probably better ways to spend that amount of money.

That weekend four of us headed to Southern Illinois, a climbing area none of of us had been to before and which takes only a bit longer to get to than Arkansas. Jackson Falls is the main crag in the area and it was rather busy. OK, it was no Stanage on a sunny summer Saturday but it was probably the busiest crag I’ve been to so far. On Saturday we visited two different areas, the first being steep and juggy the second slabby and balancy. The second was also rather under-graded, in mine and, judging from comments, a lot of other people’s opinions. Still I was climbing pretty well which was nice. In between the two areas we once again went a brief dip in a pool and it was no warmer than the previous week.

Sunday was spent in another different part of the crag. Highlight for the day, for me at least, was leading a lovely 11a arete. I’d already top-roped it and as that went reasonably well I decided to try leading it. Probably shouldn’t have done that as it quickly become obvious that I was more tired than I thought and it ended up taking longer than planned together with rather more rests but as the route needed cleaning I kept on going. Definitely a project if I ever go back.

The following three weekends I had at least one soccer game scheduled and as I’d paid quite a lot for the season I decided to stay home and play in the games instead of trying to go climbing. Rather glad I did as I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed them. I’m also definitely getting better at it and played the the best two games I’ve played so far last weekend. This weekend I played well but not as well. Attempts to go climbing outside on days I wasn’t playing soccer were not successful, at least in part due to the weather. I’m meant to be having a 3 day weekend in Arkansas this weekend so fingers crossed for good weather.

Recently I’ve also been to the doctor’s about my knees that have been, at various times, uncomfortable or painful for several years and which recently have been going through a bad phase again. I do now have some sort of diagnosis and have been told to go see a physio. Given that they now hopefully have some idea what’s wrong I’m hopeful this will be more successful than my last visits a few years back.

Work wise things have been going well and I’m hopeful I’ve solved many of the problems I’ve been having. I hope things will come together over the next few weeks and that I can finally get around to writing papers.

I think that’s pretty much all my news. Oh, I’ve applied for a job in Australia. It was all a bit last minute and there’s quite a lot of competition so I don’t expect it to go anywhere. If it does I’ll be sure to post something here… eventually.

It would appear that there was less to report in April in March, probably because of less climbing. I have a feeling May could be a lot busier. Hopefully I’ll also be rather quicker at updating this blog.

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