Back to England

Wow – hadn’t realised it had been three weeks since my last post. In many ways those three weeks combined have less if interest happening than my last post but there is still some news.

Carrying on from where I left off. The Saturday after Mary Ashley broke her leg Carol and I headed back to Warsaw with a couple of other friends. Some climbing got done, many head games was had and it was cold! Not the most successful day’s climbing but I think both Carol and I were glad to get back on rock. Some, bad, photos are here.

On Monday I headed over to Mary Ashley’s along with several others as she was off back to her parents in Mississippi the next day. Amazing they made the 12-hour trip in one day, a clear sign that things were starting to improve. Things started to get back to normal the rest of the week with work and climbing on the Tuesday and Thursday.

The next weekend I ended up at a classy Hanukah party on the Saturday evening. I had a good time and it was definitely more fun than being at home! Sunday, after recovering a bit, I headed over to climb at Ibex the further away gym with Carol and a couple of hours. Not a bad session despite the lack of a lead rope (the wall provides them) for much of the session.

The next week I made many early starts to make sure I had time to fit in both work and all the other things I had planned, such as climbing and packing. Eventually it was Friday and Carol gave me a lift to the airport – in my car! I flew to DC that night and stayed in a hotel before catching a day flight back the next day.

Since I’ve been back I’ve not got much exciting to report. So far I’ve been at my parents, mainly relaxing and catching up. My brother and sister-in-law came over for Christmas Day and part of Boxing Day and it was nice to catch up with them as well. Today I picked up a rental car and have just been to see a old friend before I head up north tomorrow to catch up with various other friends over the next few days.

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