The First Few Days

Due to jet lag I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, up reasonably early the next morning and I joined my new boss in heading towards the university. In the morning, while he was in a meeting, I explored part of the university and then met back up with him and went into his lab. It has windows to the outside world and everything, so for the first time in many years I am working in an office where I can easily see the outside, even if the view isn’t that exciting. Mark also gave my my offer letter which was, apparently, meant to have been sent to me weeks before and due to some administrative error never had been. I’m glad I was in ignorance that I was meant to receive such a thing as I’m sure knowing I hadn’t received it would have just added to my stress at moving. Mark took me for lunch and he also spent a little time in the afternoon showing me some of Lawrence.

The Saturday and Sunday I mainly spent walking around Lawrence as a form of exercise, to get a feel for the place and also to look for some where to live. It also get me out of the way for one of Mark’s girl’s birthday parties on the Sunday. Lawrence actually has an active down town, which is nice, and quite different to many other small American “cities” I’ve been to. It also has a British shop where they sell PG tips, although at a stupid price, so at least I know I can get more tea if the supplies I bring with me run out. Mark had loaned my his iPad, as he hadn’t yet got around to ordering my laptop, and between that and my walking it quickly become apparent that housing was going to be a bit of an issue. Pretty much everywhere had a 12-month minimum rent but at that stage I didn’t want to commit myself to that. Although you could sublet, and so cover your costs, this seemed a risky strategy.

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