More of the same, plus some slightly unusual stuff

Welcome to my next exciting blog post. Sorry to keep you waiting – I know it’s been longer than normal. Wish I could say that’s because I’ve been up to exciting stuff but actually nothing too exciting has happened. Yesterday I went to the dentist… no, don’t worry I have been up to slightly more exciting stuff than that!

So what have I been up to. Well the Saturday after my last blog post I went climbing at Warsaw with Mary Ashley and Corbin. Although this was my fourth trip to Warsaw and I repeated many routes it was still a very pleasing trip as it highlighted how much my climbing has come on as I found many of the repeated routes much easier than my first attempt at them and even easier than my most recent attempts. That evening I watched Reel Rock at one of the local climbing walls which was good fun despite the inadequate equipment – especially the laptop – which resulted in some stuttering and, for some unknown reason, a whole bunch of icons around the video for the second half. We’d set off rather early that morning so as to get back for Reel Rock and so I was rather pleased to get home.

That Sunday I didn’t get up to too much other than a short hike at Clinton Lake and indeed I didn’t get up to much of anything exciting until the next weekend when I played soccer on the Sunday. We lost two-one, despite being probably the slightly better team, thanks to two mistakes from our keeper. He’s normally excellent but was jut having a off day for some reason. After a post-match bar trip I took a walk around Lawrence and took some pictures (in the photos section) of how the trees were changing. Was all really rather nice when it was at it’s best although it’s past that point now.

The next couple of days were more interesting than for a normal week. On the Monday I had booked a swimming lesson. I’m quite comfortable around water but I can only swim breast stroke and that poorly with no proper breathing. So in an attempt to improve my technique and hopefully learn crawl I’ve started lessons. At the moment we’re concentrating on breast stroke and I’ve learnt lots and I feel I’ve already got better although I’ve still got a long way to go!

On the Tuesday I went and observed a Scout troop with the though of possibly helping out in the future. I’m still thinking about my options as although it was enjoyable it was sufficiently different from what I’m used to – mainly in the adult:child ratio, with most adults having children there – that I’m not sure how well I’ll fit in to begin with and with under a year left I don’t have too much time to get used to it. Am thinking of seeing if any venture crews want help as I think I may fit better despite not being used to the age group.

This weekend just gone I went to Arkansas again this time with Mary Ashley and Corbin. We camped at Sam’s Throne, where the local “club”, the Arkansas Climbing Coalition was holding a meet. I had a good days climbing, including a couple of 5.8+ trad leads and a couple of 5.10a sport leads (although one was a repeat). The less said about my top-rope attempt on a 5.8 crack the better! That evening we watched a presentation by Lisa Rand and entered the ARCC raffle although I didn’t win anything!

Sunday we headed to Cave Creek where we did the exact same three routes I’d done last time I was there. I failed on my lead attempt on Stems and Seeds, and although last time I did get to the top I was more pleased with this attempt as I took a lot fewer rests / falls to my high point. If I hadn’t managed to get my head in completely the wrong place and freak out a bit at the start I reckon I’d have had a reasonable chance of getting it. Did try it on top rope afterwards and took one fall, although I suspect in part that was due to my exhausted state after my lead attempts. Photos from this weekend are also up in the photos section. Photos from this trip are here.

Not much to report from this week so far although it looks like my lab might be getting a new post doc although as she won’t be starting (if she does) until the spring we won’t have too much overlap. This weekend I plan on playing in our last regular season soccer game and then the weekend after is a Kansas City Climbing Club trip to Arkansas so I bet you’re all be waiting with baited breath for my next post.

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