The United States

I first visited the United States doing the normal British tourist thing of Florida with my family and I was lucky enough to do this when I 13, 15 and 18. Later my first job after my first degree was with the MoD on a joint UK-US project. As a consequence I visited the US several times a year and was lucky enough to have a two and half month graduate training placement near Washington D.C. These trips gave me the opurtinity for free holidays and during my PhD I was lucky enough to get to the US twice again on holiday and it is those trips I will describe here.

I like the US a lot, and as may be obvious from other sections of this site, I worked at the University of Kansas as a postdoc from November 2011 to November 2013. My experiences there are mainly described in my blog although longer trips away are included on this page. I have an aim of visitng all 50 states, and count it as a visit if I both spend a night there and spend considerable time there. I'm currently on 36 and I'd hope to get a few more done while I'm living in Nova Scotia since some of those I've not done are reasonably near. The map below shows the states I've visited. Red I've visited in and stayed in, yellow I've just visited and grey I've only travelled through (in this case on a train).

Trip Reports

2002Eastern United States
2003Lake Michigan
2004New England
2004Pennsylvania and New Jersey
2005Colorado, Utah and Arizona
2009California, Nevada and Utah
2010Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma
2011Iowa and Missouri
2012Kentucky and West Virginia
2013Utah and Idaho
2013Nebraska and South Dakota

NB: Trip reports in grey have yet to be written!