More of the same… and a Christmas party

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit shit at updating this blog. This makes remembering what I did in this period a little difficult. Even with the help of my calendar and the photos I took. Still here goes…

Really not too sure what I got up to the weekend after my last post. I’m guessing it wasn’t anything too exciting. I know I went for a walk around Wolfville… because I took some photos. Other than that I’m not too sure what I did. Must have been highly exciting!

The weekend after that I did get up to something more exciting. I went for a longish hike, 7.4 miles according to my GPS. Although the rocky shoreline in places made it feel further than that. When I’d left Wolfville the weather didn’t look that great but it came out a really nice, if cold day. I went hiking at Crystal Crescent Beach near Halifax. There are some nice but small beaches there and overall it was really quite scenic. I definitely like that bit of coastline. The third beach from the car park is a nudest beach but needless to say no one was braving the sub-zero temperatures! It was an enjoyable walk and I took some photos and got to see a porcupine. Afterwards I went shopping but there’s nothing exciting to report there. No idea what I did on the Sunday. It’s not exactly the time of year to be doing lots of exciting stuff.

Fairly sure the next week was much of the same – i.e. nothing exciting happened. The next Sunday I went for a hike again. Shorter this time at only a little over 3 miles. But much hillier. Definitely not hilly by any reasonable definition but at the same time the hilliest hike I’ve done in mainland Nova Scotia. There was quite a lot of ice around as well which meant I didn’t do everything I wanted to do as one of the paths was just sheet ice as far as I could see. Not the most exciting place to hike but somewhere I’ll have to go back to so as to try to get my hill fitness back. Photos are here.

That Monday I had my 6-monthly review meeting with my boss. Well it was more like a year than six months as it was the first one I had. Still it was meant to be a six-monthly review. I think it went well and there really was nothing exciting to report. A slightly more exciting thing happened that week at work – I submitted my first paper based on my work here. It went out for review so at least the journal thought it was in scope!

That Friday was my lab’s Christmas party. I made flapjack (the British meaning, although I think everyone that reads this probably knows what I mean by now) and sausage rolls. You can buy frozen sausage rolls here – which is an improvement over America – but I made these. Well when I say I made them I brought pre-made puff pastry and sausage, combined them and cooked them. Still they seem to go down well! The party was at Kendra’s house in Kentville so I got the bus there so I could drink. Getting the bus is never the most enjoyable experience as it goes all over the place and takes forever. Still it was worth it to have a few drinks – I ended up quite drunk. I was rather glad when Laura very kindly said she’d drop me home on her way home as it saved me getting a taxi.

After a bit of a lazy start to the Saturday I went for a hike at Mount Uniacke again – it’s definitely one of my favourite local places to go hiking. It was all a bit water logged but I still had an enjoyable hike and managed more than 6 miles. And I caught an absolutely stunning sunset at the end of it. I went a little mad with photos. Did I say how stunning it was. Sunday was spent packing before making my way to the airport but more on that in my next post.

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